Thursday 28th week Jeudi 28e semaine

“And this is why the Wisdom of God said’ I will send them prophets and apostles; some they will slaughter and persecute.”
Sunday 28 August 2016

Ep.1,1-10 Ps.97 Lk.11,47-54

Thursday 28th week even numbered year "Alas for you, because you build tombs for the prophets, the people your ancestors killed!’

Jesus is still reproaching the Pharisees who place their prophets in beautiful tombs yet do not listen to them. Whenever we do something evil, then this evil will continue, coming down upon the people who come after us.If we close the path to God for others, we also close it for those who will come after them.

Today, those who announce the Gospel may build lovely Churches but what is really important is to live the Word of God.

Another difficulty we have too is when we try to be ’just’ by using our own means, following the law, thinking we shall in this way correspond to the true and real God! But this is a wayward path!

Jesus wants to have the scribes and Pharisees understand that it is neither by law no efforts, however heroic they may be, that we come to God, but by the grace of God.

Jesus calls us to be todays’ prophets, to announce the Gospel truthfully. Only God, taking into account our consent, has us come to the end of our misery, with our consent. The important point when it comes to our Salvation is that we have an infinite trust in God. In the One who chose us before the Creation of the world, we are already established in Love, holy and immaculate in his Gaze.

What fills the huge gap between the creature and God is the absolute trust in the Goodness of God.

“And this is why the Wisdom of God said’ ’I will send them prophets and apostles; some they will slaughter and persecute.” Jesus wants to break open our hardened hearts, this is where the richness and fullness of grace lies. God is gentle with those who open themselves up to Him, but he denounces the arrogant hearts of those who close their hearts to the invitation of Love He makes to them.

We make all possible efforts to adapt ourselves to God’s work, but we need first of all to consider the gratuity of God’s salvation.

The gospel underlines how we become aware of our weakness. We are ’unhappy’ when we lean upon our own strength. Jesus manifests that we are not responsible for only ourselves and our own family, but for each person. He is the One who asks us to do all we can during our time on earth.

We ask for the grace to receive Jesus’ ardour, his teaching touches us deeply by its realism, His Word has something to say to us.

The Holy Spirit will inspire us for our work and our walk towards holiness. In Him, we want to learn how to love in the practical aspects of our lives, and to receive God’s grace and Love. We need to receive God’s grace and Love in order to become human beings whose thanksgiving is on our lips.

“alas for you lawyers who have taken away the key of knowledge! You have not gone into yourselves and have prevented others who wanted to from going into themselves.”

We have the grace to know Jesus, his Love and Gospel in the here and now. We need to enter the Kingdom of God if we want to live really live from it, so as to announce it to everyone. We want to be open up to all those around us , not be closed in on ourselves, so as to announce the Living Word of God.

We have great difficulty in moving forward with the freedom of God’s Mystery! We are ’unhappy’ leaning on our own strength. Having come to recognise our own misery, the ’emptiness’ of the creature, we rejoice over God’s work, Christ, the High Priest who has us pass into God’s Kingdom of Life.

’Blessed be God, the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ’. God Emmanuel is God with us, He is waiting for us to welcome Him. ’he has blessed us in Christ’. God’s Heart manifests to us all his Tenderness. ’In Him, He has chosen us even before the Creation of the world."

We ask for the grace to apprehend with what Love we are loved so as to enter into gratuitous Love.

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