Touch of silence on the waters of the night Touche du silence sur les eaux de la nuit

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Touch of silence on the waters of the night

Touch of silence on the Waters of the night

The Word dashes forward and Beauty bursts forth

Light without decline, King of Creation

The world is a garden which celebrates its Name

Trees and greenery, mountains and brooks

Every creature is signed by the Seal

Desert pelican, sea animals and monsters

Hoping each day God will open up their hands to them

But to govern them, He offers them his image

And man received the humble face in a kiss

Free to share his heart with his soul

God made from his side support of a woman

But his flesh, his friend, gave way to hatred

Of the Liar, the Enemy of the human race

No longer wishing to serve the project of Love

They took fright and ran away in the morning breeze

O tell me, where are you? Where does this stony heart come from?

Your downcast face bows down to earth

Nature grieves and is covered with a veil

Before the unclean eye that has evil reign

I had wanted to know life in your gaze

But how can I be reborn? Outside of you everything is dark!

He comes, like a broken rock

Flowing down on hills and valleys

His grace in stars of dust

The echo of a nuptial procession

And the voice of my lover

He is singing and says gently again :

He comes like a broken rock.

He is coming, she awaits. Her heart has become a waiting. Such a desired awaiting for Him alone can quench the burning soul. Thirst from now on has found refuge in the hollow of this Rock. As in the former desert, Love cries its thirst to whoever comes. But it is He who asks to drink : I thirst! Out of the well hidden in the desert of thirst, he climbed up Golgotha. Once again he cries his thirst for he is distorted, without water, he who is the Source. He was struck by his people in revolt. The New Moses struck in the heart so to quench his exhausted bride. Now the Living Waters flow in abundance. Desire awakes one’s appetite and thirst has joined another thirst, each one is quenched. This water makes thirsty and thirst takes up everything on its passage. It wants to water everything in its ardour. Nothing can no longer escape its desire. He doesn’t fear to drink everything in its ardour. Nothing escapes his desire any longer. He doesn’t fear to have his bride drink at the very sources of Himself. She herself has melted, quenching the thirst of the One she loves, with herself. The thirsty one becomes a source and she can hardly believe it. Through waiting she has overcome her fear. She knows where the source Is, she won’t let go. He knows where her heart is, how to quench It.

Love has triumphed, it has become a dwelling place a broken rock, for the bride’s desire. This face to face is a communion, communion of soul and communion of hearts, this heart made out of fresh earth, has become a transport, the Easter of Love which regenerates all things, the whole of our being and what composes it. Hell exists no more in the furnace of Fair Love. O You who come, attach yourself to me so I do fail. This thirst has burned my distorted heart, it has stirred up my desire, become a thirst and everything in me desires you. Henceforth Jesus is presented to Mary, he is a broken rock for a pierced heart The good perfume of Love transpires gentleness from his pierced heart. Like water flowing forth out of the desert rock Mary can now quench her heart from the trickles bursting forth from God’s heart, in the shelter where she finds refuge.

"Come, my lovely, my dove, ’If he comes, she too rushes forth. She knows not his ardent heart, but he is going to free it. And so with all her wings unfolded

she will lose herself in Him. In this Love how beautiful she will be in shining Beauty. She knew not, it is He who revealed it to her. As a dove, she rises with fragile wings. She can be raised, the Holy Spirit, Holy Love, will be her only support. She knows from now on she can wander, whilst dwelling in his Love : ’Come, my lovely one, my dove.’ Her fragility has become her assurance. She is unable to unfold without Him. He has already become her life. From now on a broken life, she will be like him. It is in the breaking point that new life flows. It is a Call : Come, who is speaking, it is He, it is her, she won’t know, if she surrenders. The flight will be made fecund with a whole new life. ’He comes, lie a broken rock’ In him, her wound is healed, how beautiful is my dove. The Holy Love in her recognises him. She recognises Holy Love, he is her life, she only sees only through him.

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