Wednesday of 24th Week, uneven numbered year Mercredi de la 24e semaine, année inpaire

« Jesus also told them a parable : ’Can one blind person guide another ? Surely both will fall in a pit ? »
Lundi 7 septembre 2015

1 Tim. 3,14-16 Ps. 110 LK. 7, 31-35

Wednesday of 24th Week, uneven numbered year

« Wisdom has been justified by all her children. »

« What comparison can I find for the people of this generation ? What are they like ? »

« Sitting in the square » the village square is the place of appearances, a a kind of show that doesn’t have much consistence ; things happen and people come and go as they wish. We are there with an attitude of spectators, whether it does us good or not. We can prove versatility, and if we don’t like it we can become very cruel. This had already been the attitude in the time of Jesus and how true it is to say that it is the attitude of consumer society that keeps coming out with new products. We have lost sight of God’s loving plan, for we live our lives in the night of faith, by pure belief. However, God’s loving plan is quite real and exerts itself at each moment in the world and in our lives. It is a work that is all the more divine as it is human and requires our consent.I t is all the more human since it is done in agreement with Christ. It is from each one of us that Christ builds his Church. ’With all my heart I give thanks to the Lord ! great are the works of the Lord and all those who love them learn from them.’ This link of thanksgiving, of communion and love is indispensable to the realization of God’s work.

« The people of this generation are like children shouting to one another while they sit in the market place : We played the pipes for you, and you wouldn’t dance ; we sang dirges, and you wouldn’t cry. »

A wave flowing in from the deep waters , it is God’s Wisdom coming from afar, bringing depth, consistency, rolling over the stones of this mass of superficiality. « But this Wisdom of God » on the beach dies and falls away, coming back again at its own rhythm. There is something that is as in a family in this diversity of situations that touches us. Space is given its place to expand and we can hear a life that goes deeper than the words we exchange with one another, we can sense that life isn’t just a game. We start listening to other people and we realize that they are not just speaking to put on a show ! They speak also about « something elsewhere », of Someone else, they can lead us into a place of silence. In the night of faith where we cannot see what God is doing. Here, God expects us to be faithful and attentive to his work. For us this is the great challenge : to realize in God, God’s own work. We are ’the house

God builds’ ’the Church of the living God’ : God counts on us. He wants us to be vigilant about the work that is being brought about within us. The Saints were moved by the Holy Spirit. It is some years after their action that we can see how God had been working through them.

« For John the Baptist has come, not eating bread, not drinking wine, and you say : ’He is possessed.’ The Son of Man has come eating and drinking , and you say, ’Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ Yet wisdom is justified by all her children. »

’By all her children’ ! Jesus takes the example of all these children who are calling out to each other : some want to laugh, others to cry ! It is quite dramatic for the Body of Christ when it is living like this, maybe in this way putting itself in danger. We may find ourselves to be like these children, or like many more, listening to this Wisdom. If we let it speak to us, we can become adjusted to it, enter into solitude with it, and so can come to live with it. This Wisdom will shape within ourselves whatever it is revealing to us. Christ, manifested in the flesh, showed himself in the weakness of our human nature. He takes up the challenges of our ambiguities and our wanderings. In the night of faith in this life we are unable to see, but enlightened by the Gospel, we have the courage to recognize our sin, darkness and deceit that can act in us. It is the way I behave today that is going to depend upon tomorrow’s work ! God will come to our aid, He will send his Holy Spirit to us so that we have just one concern : that of bringing about His Divine Work.

We ask God for the grace to always be vigilant to discern, in order to know at each moment and in all circumstances how we are to behave in the house of God.

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