Wednesday of 34th week Mercredi 34e semaine

“I myself shall give you an eloquence and a wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to resist or contradict.”
Thursday 22 September 2016

Ap.15,1-4 Ps.97 Lk.21,12-19

Wednesday of 34th week even numbered year

“But before all this happens, you will be seized and persecuted; you will be handed over to the synagogues and to imprisonment, and brought before kings and governors for the sake of my name- and that will be your opportunity to bear witness. You will be hated universally on account of my name, but not a hair of your head will be lost.”

Jesus promised peace to his disciples, before his death and also after his Resurrection, but they harvested peace through struggles, love, suffering, and in death they found life. They also found joyful triumph when, before this death occurred, they were questioned, judged and condemned, for they were indeed genuine witnesses.

Many women and men full of gentleness in their body and soul in suffering, darkness, live with Jesus in His resplendent Love.

How hard it is for us to enter into this perspective on a practical level! They put Jesus in prison and made him appear before the kings and governors because of his Father! He was delivered and no one took his defence. He was detested : those whom he had chosen said ’We don’t want him to reign over us ; our King is Cesar!’

The Gospel which tells of Jesus’ mystery speaks also of our own.

Saint Cyprian tells us : ’ Now that the only thing in your hearts and souls are the divine teachings and commandments from the Lord, which the Holy Spirit used so as to encourage you to put up with suffering. Let no one think about death, but about immortality; nor temporary suffering but in Eternal glory, since it is written ’The death of the upright is precious before God.“”Understand this very well : you will not have to prepare your defence because I myself shall give you an eloquence and a wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to resist or contradict."

Jesus’ disciples martyrs understood this message very well. They had a fire deep down within them, so as to continue their mission of evangelisation

despite the warnings they had. This was the beginnings of Christian faith, with the many persecutions threatening them. Yet the Good News has come to us! What audacity, what faith, what hope!

We can feel very much like ’sheep amongst wolves’. Jesus gives us the assurance of His Presence, of His action in us and through us. He gives us the key to get there : he inspires us the words to us.

Lord, we realise very well how little we welcome your Presence within ourselves. We are sure of loving you and making the Kingdom advance on earth but we don’t always succeed respecting our Christian commitments. Fill us with your Love, so that we can surrender ourselves more to the Action of the Holy Spirit in us and arrive at freeing the treasure drowsing within us.

“You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, relations and friends ; and some of you will be put to death. You will be hated universally on account of my name, but not a hair of your head will be lost. Your perseverance will win you your lives.”

Jesus martyrs understood this message very well. The first martyr, witness of his Father, is Christ; we are Jesus witnesses, it is the same Holy Spirit who enveloped Jesus in his offering and who accompanies us. It is the same Holy Spirit who in Christ’s mystery has been given to us and lives in each one of us.

We have but one concern ; to want what Jesus wants. We know that the persecutions can raise up in our midst and lead us to all kinds of anguish! We remain standing in Christ. If we belong to Jesus we want to cloth his mystery again so we need to contemplate Him in his pain and sorrow!

Contemplate our King of Love for it is through His Love for us that He is treated in this way.

Our King is the Crucified One!

The only crown He had was the crown of thorns.

The only cloak He had was the cloak of derision!

It is not possible, nor even suitable, that he reigns over us in any other way!

We ask for the grace to remain close to Him with Mary, she alone, with John and a few women, who accompanied him n his sorrow and pain, they will make us penetrate in his Heart so full of Love.

We ask for the grace to understand these words; they are so important, if we are to grow in humility.

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